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Aleen Iris Donovan

Picture 2
(w/ Dan)

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(w/ Draven Corvus)

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(w/ Dan & Mark Brown)

LOCATION: Oakland California USA

BIRTHDATE: January 19

OCCUPATION: Librarian (I kid you not!)


CAST NAME: Barely Legal

DATE FIRST PLAYED MAGENTA: November 1995 (with Barely Legal)

OTHER CASTS: Indecent Exposure (Berkeley, CA) c.1994; Absolute Pleasure (Petaluma, CA) c.1999; Bawdy Caste (Fremont,CA) 1998

OTHER: The first time I performed Magenta was for Techie Horror with IE. The directors only advice was "act drunk" and "the lipstick can't *ever* be too red" That was the beginning. In 1995 I immediately joined the fledgling cast Barely Legal as a Magenta. It was nerve wracking getting the costuming together for my audition. But that would have to be my fondest memory: 3o'clock in the morning at my tiny apartment kitchen table--watching Eddie and the Cruisers while touching up the golds and making sure the stitching for the boa wasn't showing. It's lots of fun after that.
Each time things go well at the show I'm relieved and proud. Especially when performing with new cast members. When I can see our interactions with each other get more interesting I can have a smoke and know i've done my part well. Sounds like i'm channelling Mary Poppins but, besides playing a bitch on stage, i'm actually a very nice person! I love playing her because she's aloof and grumpy but has a sense of humor that makes her neurotic and mellow at the same time. Like she has the goods on everybody and she's not telling! I also have this maid- fetish so it's the perfect part.

Added 8/24/02