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Carrie Dahlby
Carrie Dahlby

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LOCATION: St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)

BIRTHDATE: 02/22/78

OCCUPATION: I am a trained singer of classical art songs and opera.



CAST NAME: Transvestite Soup

MAGENTA SINCE: As of this writing (5/28/01), I've spent nearly two years playing Magenta. My first performance was on September 25th, 1999. It was considered my "audition" for Magenta understudy. I didn't find out that I got the part until late December of 1999, when I had my second performance.

OTHER: Although Frank was the first character in RHPS that I fell in love with, Magenta has always been the one that I most relate with. Personality-wise, I am more like her than any other character...quiet, voluptous, with wild mood swings, etc. My favorite scene with Magenta, by far, is the Space Scene. She is so beautiful and in-control.

I have many good memories from playing Magenta, but here are a few of the best: At the last show (May 19th 2001), the small but enthusiastic audience actually applauded after the Oscar speech. I still haven't been able to attribute that to any brilliant callback line that someone called out, so I think it must have been the costumes and/or performance of Lori (Riff) and myself.

I also had a great time playing Magenta for the Christmas theme show (December 30th, 2000). We came out for the space scene wearing wrapping paper space suits, and I had a Christmas tree on my head instead of the Bride of Frankenstein wig. It got a lot of laughs, and it was great fun.