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Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson

Picture 2
(w/ Kristian Fletcher)

Picture 3
(w/ Kristian Fletcher)

Picture 4
(w/ Kristian Fletcher & Mellissa Ryan)

LOCATION: Our Cast is in Brisbane, which is in the state of Queensland in Australia

BIRTHDATE: 14/08/1981



CAST NAME: Cards4Sorrow

MAGENTA SINCE: I have played Magenta almost continually since our cast started in July 2000. I gave my poor hair a break for a few months and played a trannie, Eddie and Dr Scott.

PREV. CAST(S): none

OTHER: Our Cast is only very young, i co-founded it in 2000. We had our first Rocky Convention on September 13 2002 which was very exciting for us, especially since i don't think there had been a Con in Australia for a long time, or even ever!! I hadn't played Mags much over the last few months so it was fabulous to be able to play her for the Convention!

Added 8/24/02