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BIRTHDATE: 12/16/78

OCCUPATION: Customer Service / Benefits



CAST NAME: Interchangeable Parts & Larger Than Life

MAGENTA SINCE: Started in June of '96 (I was yanked on stage to play the part) and in the next auditions, I became the new Magenta! I've since played every role, but as for lead roles, I've alternated between Magenta and Frank ever since 1996.

PREV. CAST(S): Circus of the Night, guest performed many times with Denton High

OTHER: Picture 2 is of me just before the Tampa Theatre show 10/31/03. Picture 3 is of me in 02/04. Picture 4 is from 1999 or so. Picture 5 is of me at the Orlando convention in 10/01. I had to do a 5 minute quick-change in order to be in the costume challenge (hence no makeup). Anyway, it's a good picture of my new costume (Picture by Shawn McHorse). Picture 6 is from 1998 during a Tampa Theatre rehearsal.

I've performed the part of lead Magenta 1998-2003 for the annual Halloween show at Tampa Theatre that has been selling out it's 1,446 seats!

(Added to site on 10/31/00, updated 3/24/04)