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(w/ Laura)
LOCATION: Hobart, Indiana

BIRTHDATE: 04/04/1983

OCCUPATION: Student, comic book artist, webmaster



CAST NAME: Midnight Madness

MAGENTA SINCE: I started in 99 around Halloween... so about a year now.

PREV. CAST(S): The Pink Invaders - Merrillville, Indiana

OTHER: I spent a few months with the Pink Invaders in Merillville before taking a break, and that's when Stan-the-preshow-king and jefF N. (whom I shall now refer to as Super jefF) convinced me to join Midnight Madness in Chicago. Loads of fun, in an absolutely gorgeous theater... I wouldn't stop it for the world.

I've also done two covers for Crazed Imaginations, the Rocky fanzine we all know and love... in fact, in the second picture of Jean, he's holding one of the covers. See it here.