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Alicia "Quad" Wallace

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(w/ Jewels at the 25th)

BIRTHDATE: January 18

OCCUPATION: web admin/promoter



CAST: New York City cast

PREVIOUS CAST(S): Castle Transylvanians, Home of Happiness

MAGENTA EXPERIENCE: My official first day to start playing magenta came to me at the Anaheim Con of 1997. I was told that I had to play a female role, so I said, hey, Gong Scene Magenta, and I got the scene, to my surprise... And it's all been downhill since.. heh heh heh..

OTHER: I've always taken to Magenta as being the sexpot from hell. She's sexy, she's quiet, she's downright demented.. You never know what exactly goes through her head at times..

To those that play her.. I salute you.. To those that don't play her, you should try her one day.. She's a fun character to play, especially if you like to model, for she doesn't really do much.. Just stand and look cute..