Sheri Rosensweig
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BIRTHDATE: 12/6/73



CAST(s): I'm a member of 3 casts: Transexual Misfits, The Castle Transylvanians and Transylvanian Nipple Productions

MAGENTA EXPERIENCE: Magenta was my first "officially scheduled" part. I was pulled from the audience the week before and played Janet. I joined the cast that night and starting playing Magenta on November 25, 1995.

PREV. CAST(S): The Delaware Cast and Sincere Lust

OTHER: I play almost every part in the movie. I have them in order of how well I know them and how often I perform them. Magenta is 2nd. Janet is my 1st part. I know her character the best and play her the most often. But, Jannie doesn't have a page for Janet :-( j/k